Getting Started

Getting Started Guide

Simple steps to get you on track using SAP

This checklist walks through the process of preparing to use Safety Ambassador Program as a light duty job for injured workers.

If you are not familiar with our platform, please check out the quick tour or our brief video overview before getting started.  These resources explain how SAP provides modified duty for injured employees and can help lower Workers’ Compensation rates.

  • The Basics

    Everything that you need for your employee to use SAP.
  • Doctor's Approval

    Physician’s release for your employee to return to light duty work.
  • Job Offer Letter

    Formal letter offering light duty work to your employee
  • Reimbursement

    Actions to take for reimbursement for providing modified work.

The Basics

Safety Ambassador Program is a web-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere.  There are only a few basic requirements to successfully use SAP.

  • SAP requires a computer with a keyboard and mouse, speakers, and an internet connection fast enough to stream video.
  • You will want to establish a comfortable place for your worker to use the platform. Accessing SAP from the workplace is recommended, as there are likely fewer distractions and temptations than at home.

Doctor's Approval

In order to provide an injured worker with a light duty job, the activities needed to perform the work may need to be approved by a doctor.  The following job description can be downloaded and presented to obtain a physician’s release for your employee to return to light duty work using SAP.

Job Offer Letter

Light duty work offers should always be extended in writing.  The SAP job offer letter identifies the position offered, includes a description of the duties required, and clearly specifies the physical demands of the job. The following light duty job offer letter can be downloaded and presented to the employee before beginning SAP.


In many states, if an employer pays for job modifications to retain or bring an employee back to work after a work related injury, the employer may be eligible for reimbursement.  This may include purchasing a computer, peripherals, an office chair, and even access to SAP itself.  Please check with your state agency to determine the requirements and process for reimbursement.

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