Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to what you want to know about Safety Ambassador Program

What is Safety Ambassador Program?

SAP is a web-based platform which offers employers both a simple and affordable solution to lowering their Workers’ Compensation rates; by avoiding time lost from work.  It provides an engaging light duty job for injured employees, with built-in accountability measures.  Platform subscribers can also access the Safety Video Library, which can be used to create safety meetings in minutes.

What kind of content does the platform contain?

SAP content consists of training modules based on an 8 hour work day. For each hour of the day, injured employees watch entertaining and informative videos, participate in interactive e-learning activities, and answer review questions.  Topics range from work, home, and environmental safety to personal health and well-being.

How many light duty work days are available?

Currently we have 20 light duty work days (160 hours) (15 original + 5 review) available in English and 5 work days (40 hours) in Spanish.  These can be used any way desired; as a complete work day or just a few hours at a time.


The platform content can be repeated to cover longer periods of potential time loss.  You will need to create a second (new) account for your injured worker to do this. We do not recommend putting your injured worker through the coursework more than twice.

How do I add light duty work days?

When you first purchase SAP, an employer dashboard is automatically set up for you. Log in to add light duty work days and assign users to those days. You can also access user reporting functions from the dashboard.

How do employees progress through the light duty work day?

The work day is broken up into individual hours;  wherein there are safety training videos to watch and activities to complete. Employees can only work on one section at a time, in a set order. When one section is completed, the next one will become available. Employees cannot go back to previously completed sections.

How do I track my employee's progress?

User activity reports can be accessed through the dashboard as well as emailed to an employer to provide an update on training progress.  These reports are time stamped and show activity scores to indicate how much the employee learned in the process.  Each report is broken down by SAP work day to easily see what has been completed and what is incomplete.

What if an employee has to leave in the middle of a work day?

As long as the employee does not close out a video session or finish an e-learning activity, they can return at a later time and pick up where they left off. This applies even if they log out of the training site or close the web browser.  Closing video sessions requires clicking a large button titled “Close Session” followed by clicking a second “Close Session” button on a panel that explains that the employee cannot return if they close it.

Are breaks included in light duty work days?

Each work day is broken down into one hour long segments with an optional built-in one hour “lunch” period after Hour 4 of the training.  Additionally, built-in break periods of 10 minutes occur after Hours 2 and 6.  A countdown timer for these break periods is displayed for convenience, but it does not prevent moving on to the next section.

Can my employee use just part of a light duty work day?

While SAP days are designed to be used as one full 8-hour work day, how they are used is up to you. A transitional work day does not need to be completed in one calendar day; and can be used over the course of time. SAP light duty work days do not expire.  Each section of an assigned work day can only be completed once by a user.

What is the cost?

Employers may choose to purchase SAP work days individually or an annual subscription which provides unlimited access to all platform features. Please see our pricing plans to choose a solution that’s right for your needs.

Will my state help me pay for SAP?

In many states, if an employer pays for job modifications to retain or bring an employee back to work after a work related injury, the employer may be eligible for reimbursement.  This may include purchasing a computer, peripherals, an office chair, and even access to SAP itself.  Please check with your state agency to determine the requirements for reimbursement.

Can I purchase multiple light duty work days at once?

Multiple transitional work days can be purchased at once a la carte. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a subscription to Safety Ambassador Program; which provides access to all of the SAP light duty work days, which may be assigned to an unlimited number of employees.

If I purchase now, can my employee start right away?

Your injured worker can start today, tomorrow, or any time. SAP work days do not expire, so you can even purchase them in advance.

Will this allow me to earn or keep a claim free discount?

Your state or insurance agency may offer claim free discounts.  A claim free discount is earned by having no time loss, loss of earning power, or permanent partial disability (indemnity payments) paid on any Workers’ Compensation claim for a specific time period. By taking advantage of SAP and paying the employees their regular wage, you will keep time loss from being paid, helping to work towards or maintain your claim free discount.

What are the technical requirements to use SAP?

Safety Ambassador Program only requires a computer with speakers and an internet connection fast enough to stream video. SAP has been tested with the latest versions of the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

The platform is built around basic HTML and HTML5, so it should be compatible with most modern browsers and equipment. Users may be able to use a tablet device for most of the content, but could have issues with some of the interactive eLearning activities. If users do experience technical issues that prevent them from completing an activity, they can go back and select the next activity in the list.

Can an injured worker use the platform at home?

SAP can be accessed from anywhere using a computer with speakers and a high speed internet connection. Accessing SAP from the workplace is recommended, as there are likely fewer distractions and temptations than at home.

How do I know if my worker completes a SAP day?

On the Reports page, status reports for each day as well as a daily activity report (which includes the entire history) are available for viewing or downloading, and Completion certificates are available for download when a worker completes a full SAP day.

Additionally, daily progress reports are emailed on days that workers use the SAP training website. These emails are all sent to the email address(es) specified when the worker is assigned to the SAP days.

Can I use SAP for general training purposes?

The content in our Safety Video Library can be used to put together safety meetings in just minutes.  SAP also offers safety posters in addition to safety training videos that can be downloaded and printed for your company bulletin board.

Will workers who complete SAP receive an OSHA Card?

No. The safety content provided by the Safety Ambassador Program has been written to meet or exceed OSHA safety standards. However, while SAP is a great supplement to any safety program, it is not a substitute for specific safety training which results in the issuance of Department of Labor OSHA 10-Hour or 30-Hour cards where required.

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